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Butts of Fabu. by MoonOfSouls Butts of Fabu. :iconmoonofsouls:MoonOfSouls 11 16
Chapter 8 A Rude Awakening
Sounds of a burning campfire sounded throughout the night and the gentle breeze of the winter's air gently brushed against Moon's face. The chill brought the young stallion back to attention, the last thing he remembered was seeing Whispering Breeze before he fell unconscious. A familiar ache in his shoulder also reminded him of his scuffle with the Saber and Kyu leaving him to die. Moon moaned slightly while opening his eyes in a daze. As his sight adjusted to the night, everything was a bit blurry. Shaking his head, he opened his eyes once again with a better view of his surroundings.
A small campfire surrounded by stones was in front of him, up beyond the snowcapped trees, the Shaman could see the full moon hovering above the sky. A small translucent ring surrounded the moon, casting off a beautiful image that reminded Moon why he loved the night so much. A smile grew across his muzzle when he heard the wind kissing the pine needles along with the wood popping from the warm fire. Mo
:iconmoonofsouls:MoonOfSouls 4 16
Moonlight Ch. 7
The noon sun had risen high above the sky, its life-giving warmth spread throughout the ground below. Voluminous god rays shined through the needles of the pine trees while they danced freely in the cold, wintry air. The snow glimmered upon the ground as it reflected the sun's rays away. As Mooncatcher walked forward, he relished from the warmth soaking into his tan colored fur and took a deep breath.
"Ah, this is absolutely amazing," he said to himself. "If the weather stays as clear as this then we'll make it to the mountain in no time."
A small grunt sounded behind him, the Graymane that he had been traveling with, Kyu, nodded as she kept walking. She was wearing her black hood with the strange markings stitched into the fabric.
"We are nearly there, tomorrow by sunset we should be there and your training can begin."
"Right, my training," Moon let out a small sigh. "What... exactly are they going to have me do?"
"I don't know," the gray mare walked past Mooncatcher, nearly knocking
:iconmoonofsouls:MoonOfSouls 4 20
London Takeover by MoonOfSouls London Takeover :iconmoonofsouls:MoonOfSouls 12 59 Oooh yay, a drawing by MoonOfSouls Oooh yay, a drawing :iconmoonofsouls:MoonOfSouls 6 18 Color Wheel Design by MoonOfSouls Color Wheel Design :iconmoonofsouls:MoonOfSouls 10 13 Insert Creative Title Here by MoonOfSouls Insert Creative Title Here :iconmoonofsouls:MoonOfSouls 7 11 Ducks are too friggin cute by MoonOfSouls Ducks are too friggin cute :iconmoonofsouls:MoonOfSouls 9 9 Ann Morrison Park by MoonOfSouls Ann Morrison Park :iconmoonofsouls:MoonOfSouls 7 3 The Geese Have Invaded by MoonOfSouls The Geese Have Invaded :iconmoonofsouls:MoonOfSouls 6 3 I'm Still Alive by MoonOfSouls I'm Still Alive :iconmoonofsouls:MoonOfSouls 10 20 The Many Expressions of OCs Part 1 by MoonOfSouls The Many Expressions of OCs Part 1 :iconmoonofsouls:MoonOfSouls 21 30 Ota by MoonOfSouls Ota :iconmoonofsouls:MoonOfSouls 21 26 Noi (Contest Entry) by MoonOfSouls Noi (Contest Entry) :iconmoonofsouls:MoonOfSouls 28 30 The Might Of The Hun by MoonOfSouls The Might Of The Hun :iconmoonofsouls:MoonOfSouls 14 76 Phoenoc of Life by MoonOfSouls Phoenoc of Life :iconmoonofsouls:MoonOfSouls 11 28


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Profile Picture is a colllab with, :iconkyuremgirl:, she sketched it and I colored it. Go check out her profile and give her a watch! You won't regret it! (Just watch out for random snowball attacks...)

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I'm into parkour, I just don't do the flips. Fishing, hunting, I'm a huge gamer, and drawing. How I am on here is how I am in real life so there you go! ;3

I'm also trying to become a professional voice actor for my career, I'm available for any projects that are open. Just send me a note! ^^

Also I have a huge project in the works. It's a Skyrim crossover fic called Moonlight and it takes place in Luna's kingdom! It's going to be awesome! Especially since there are Phoenixes instead of dragons because dragons are overrated. X3

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Close deviantArt Friends! (In no particular order. I just tap and place a name wherever the mouse lands. XD)
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Hey guys, I know I keep saying I'll come back and then don't then redo it all over again. I'm sorry about that. I've been struggling a ton and honestly I don't have a lot of energy to get on and look at everything. I hardly have any money in my account because I have to spend all of it as soon as I get it. My one hobby I do is sleep. I feel  really worthless... 


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